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In 2008 we spotted a gap in the market during the financial crisis. At the time we were running a number of very successful car dealerships that had a great repeat business but our traditional lenders were starting to get fussy with who they lent money to. Every day we were seeing customers that wanted to buy but they just could not get the finance to buy the car.  It was so frustrating and not just for the customer we were also losing business! It was something that we had no control over and it had the potential to slow our car sales business down. It was at this defining moment DrivePayTM  and Universal Car Credit was born. We were different in our approach as we met every customer face to face. We had no issues like the computer always said no!  It was simple we borrowed the money and we then lent it to our customers. It worked so well that after only a few years we separated the business from the car sales business and Universal Car Credit became a separate company. We still operate the same way now as we did back then only quicker!

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Our team of experts will do our very best to get your loan approved at the best rate available subject to affordability. Working from within the dealership we can source any car or van and arrange the finance all under one roof so that you have one less thing to worry about. We have a range of services on offer for prospective and current clients – click on the link below to get started...